State-of-the-art Equipment
Mason Rubber Company uses a variety of different molding methods, a range of different size presses and the latest support equipment. This allows us to produce everything from small, delicate and / or intricate parts to large parts that go beyond many manufacturers capacities.

Our state-of-the-art equipment incorporates the latest molding technologies including compression, compression in vacuum environment, transfer and injection methods.  Our equipment’s vacuum compression line enables us to produce complex and normally difficult to produce parts with minimal fallout.  Presses range in size from 35 tons to 565 Tons with a capacity ranging up to 34” x 36”.

In addition to our press lines, we also have the latest technology in support equipment such as programmable preforming extruders and cryogenic deflashing units. This equipment ensures our customer’s specifications are consistently met.

When other rubber companies find a job too difficult, they call us to troubleshoot and complete the job. If the experts trust our experience, you can too.

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