Custom Rubber Compression and Injection Molding

Customer:Stockwell Elastomerics
Services: Compression and Injection Molding
Length of Relationship: Since 2006

It may seem unusual that a 97-year-old rubber gasket manufacturer is providing a testimonial for, what on the surface, seems like a competitor. But dig a little deeper and what unfolds is a story of collaboration and partnership.

Collaboration, Not Competition
When you’ve been in the rubber industry for 97 years, you get to know everyone else in the industry. The team at Stockwell Elastomerics would brush into the team from Mason Rubber from time to time. Additionally, one of the Stockwell tooling and production engineers knew Mason Rubber from a previous business relationship.

About ten years ago, the two teams had a conversation about what each does best and decided to see if they could work together in cooperation, rather than competition. The initial project involved compression rubber molding. A Stockwell customer had a project where the press tonnages didn’t match their in-house equipment. This project went well, the customer was satisfied and a new partnership was developed.

An Ongoing Partnership
Over the years, many projects have followed. Stockwell Elastomerics’ core business and core competence is silicone rubber fabrication and molding. Mason Rubber Company has expertise in compression, transfer and injection molding of organic elastomers such as Buna-N, EPDM and Neoprene—just to name a few.

Stockwell has situations where a good customer has them on their approved vendor list and for business reasons, doesn’t want to qualify another vendor. If the business this customer is requesting doesn’t fit Stockwell’s core business (such as sending in a drawing or request to supply a molded gasket that Stockwell doesn’t want to produce in-house), Stockwell will turn to Mason Rubber. As William B Stockwell, President of Stockwell Elastomerics puts it, “We have found Mason Rubber to be a competent and reliable source in these situations. I can’t recall where they have ever let us down”.

For Stockwell Elastomerics, being able to leverage Mason Rubber’s complementary skills adds value for their customers. And, when a project request comes in that doesn’t fit their core business, they can turn it over to Mason Rubber knowing that the team will be professional and responsive. Mason Rubber can do the same with Stockwell. This partnership is truly a win-win for Stockwell Elastomerics, Mason Rubber and their customers.

About Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.
Stockwell Elastomerics’ core competence is the fabrication and molding of silicone rubber and similar high performance elastomers. On-site production capabilities include adhesive lamination, slitting, die cutting, water jet cutting and custom molding. Many Stockwell Elastomerics customers take advantage of water jet cutting for fast turn prototypes and initial production. Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. is ISO9001-2008 registered.

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